Monday, February 8, 2010

Discovering Mercy Corps

today is my 2nd day in Mercy Corps, during my supervisor Floyd trying to learn me how is web development team work I decided to fucus on two issues:
1. How to make or modify Module in Drupal.
2. How to make a new themes.
beside I need to learn more about Bash (the commands for UNIX based systems), but this may be after I be stronger in Drupal modification.
In the launch Floyd took me to the Pioneer Place Shopping which is the most biggest Mall in the Portland town down which include Mac world, GAP, and a lot of home stuff.
in 3:00 PM a big meeting in the Mercy Corps with an invitation to all the employes, in this the CEO talking about that the organization done the last period and what is the challenges waiting Mercy Corps, beside they introduce any workers running before last 6 moths and then they introduce me. in fact it is a useful meeting to discover all the people here.

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