Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dinner in the Bija House

Bija Gutoff working in the Mecry Corps, she is very nice women. She offer me a very generous offer to have a dinner in her house with her husband , I go there and we talking about many things concerning Iraq and my Internship experiment and the interested thing is the dinner it self because they bought Halal meat!! and most of the food on the table is look like arabic food like rice, salad ,hummus and many Delicious dishes.

OHSU Visit

Gretchen Ansorge working in the Mercy Corps and responsible for Middle East, she offer me a generous offer to meet her brother John, he is working in the OHSU (Oregon Health and Science University) and he is responsible for online medical courses for Instructors.
I should take the Ariel Tram to get to his job place, which new experiment to me to do that.
He explain to me all the technical issues concerning the online training be side he show me the most of the OHSU buildings which is very interested place.

The Mount Tabor

after bowling game Floyd ask me if I want to see the mount Tabor that is a wonderful place, it is like a forest on the hill and even the drinking water treated there for the city.
And after you walk to the top you will see all portland city from where you are standing!! it is amazing!!.

Bowling .......

Many Sports events and activity you can be involved when you live in USA, in the previous sunday Folyd call me to have coffee together and after that we go to the bowling place.
it is my first try to play bowling, but really it is an interested game. I spent a very nice time there even I loss the game!!

Portland Saterday Market

One of the most interested activity in the portland is the open markets that done in the river side in the weekend days (every Saturday and Sunday). many people came with their home made products that includes: home antiques, printed T-shirts, wood stuff, jewelers, and many others goods.
Beside that some bands playing their songs and the people coming from many places and many of them tourist. It is really nice activity.