Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Alice in Wonderland in 3D !!

a month ago Serbest tell me that he goes to the movie theater (Cinema) in the Saint Louis to see the Avatar movie in 3D which and encourage me to see the 3D movies. then I browse the INTERNET to see where the 3D theaters and what is the new 3D movie.
Alice in Wonderland is the new one and there is a near theater to me (LLoyd Center Cinema)which Floyd help me to find it.

Portland Clinic

after the wonderful travel to Mount Hood, in the next days I have a many pains in my body. so after three days I thought that I should see doctor for that. So I went to Portland Clinic which is very near to my apartment building and after some paper work they took urinary sample to analysis, after that a doctor talk to me and she said that every thing is OK, you should just drink many water and doing more sport.

The Mount Hood

There is a very nice Mount in the portland city called the Mount Hood, there are alot of snow on this mount most of the time. Floyd offer me to go with him and his family to this mount and It is really a wonderfull time we spent it there.