Saturday, February 13, 2010

Columbia River Water falls

In the first day in the weekend I went with Floyd family to the Columbia river water falls which is a wonderful place, many waterfalls on the road, some of them are big others are small. and the nature in this place is amazing, then we go to the dam which an electric station build there from 1938! and we take a tour inside the station (and this after we across the washington state) and it is huge station with many units. I take many Picture there and Floyd family help me a lot to spent a good time there.

Friday, February 12, 2010

new people .. new places ..

today Floyd tell me that there is a new programing project we should do it in the next week, I like this project and I am very excited to begin with it.
I got Email form Bija Gutoff, she is working in the Mercy Corps and she receive the Email (which Floyd forward it to all Mercy Corps employments to introduce me to them) and she want me to meet people that may help me to discover many places and spend more good time, therefore she ask her husband which he know an afghan friend has a son working in computer business to contact me.well after that we make call and agree to spend a time in next days.
this week end will be three days because Monday is a holiday.
and then Floyd and me leaving the work early in the 2:00 PM, and my wonderful supervisor Floyd took me a way from downtown to him house and we went to Target and Walmart Supermarkets which they really has different prices than other markets near my apartment in the downtown. and after that he took me up with his car to my apartment and this took more than 30 min. beside the gracious Floyd offer to get a nice time tomorrow in the portland waterfalls !, also Dan offer me to go to the Portland International Film Festival in Sunday and that mean I will have an active weekend with these nice people.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Drupal Group Meeting

I didn't do many things today, I just try to discover the modules in the Drupal sites and ask Floyd about its features like CCK, web forms, file field ... etc.
So I spent along time in searching what kind of gifts should i buy to my family, Walmart, amazon and even eBay sites are very helpful. one of the fact that I learn in the states that online shopping is cheaper than stores !!
after the work finished, Me and Floyd walked to the opensourcery building to be with Portland Drupal Group which is a programmers trying to share their ideas and codes and many thoughts discussed their,Floyd begins with Mercy Corps and and personal funding pages, and others talking about new themes that they developed (Acquia Prosper, Fusion) and modules (skiner, Dynamic disply block) and many many new idea about web sites people developed for theirs works. I n fact I feel happy after this night I like the group work too much and I think this experience is very useful for me.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Knowledge became fast !!

Today I learn many new web development techniques:
1. new tool for observing the webpage code called " Firebug" (installed on Firefox).
2. How to change the Drupal theme (not every thing but the important things).
3. Changing the Block style (this is amazing thing because other CMS cannot do this feature).
4. Floyd explain to me the most important different between Google and Microsoft IT industry algorithm which is called Agile (Google) and waterfall (Microsoft).
5. Then Amie which is working in the Global Citizen Corps - Mercy Corps request to do a web form for Global Citizen Corps web site, and then I working during the day with that and finally I finish it successfully and learn one of the most important things in web development which is web forms.
from the social side Dan Sadowsky one of the web site team offer me to go to
a basketball match, in fact it is very interesting , but unfortunately
I didn't feel good to go (cold night). anyhow I will go tomorrow
with floyd to the Drupal Portland group and I am very exciting to that.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Discovering Mercy Corps

today is my 2nd day in Mercy Corps, during my supervisor Floyd trying to learn me how is web development team work I decided to fucus on two issues:
1. How to make or modify Module in Drupal.
2. How to make a new themes.
beside I need to learn more about Bash (the commands for UNIX based systems), but this may be after I be stronger in Drupal modification.
In the launch Floyd took me to the Pioneer Place Shopping which is the most biggest Mall in the Portland town down which include Mac world, GAP, and a lot of home stuff.
in 3:00 PM a big meeting in the Mercy Corps with an invitation to all the employes, in this the CEO talking about that the organization done the last period and what is the challenges waiting Mercy Corps, beside they introduce any workers running before last 6 moths and then they introduce me. in fact it is a useful meeting to discover all the people here.