Friday, February 12, 2010

new people .. new places ..

today Floyd tell me that there is a new programing project we should do it in the next week, I like this project and I am very excited to begin with it.
I got Email form Bija Gutoff, she is working in the Mercy Corps and she receive the Email (which Floyd forward it to all Mercy Corps employments to introduce me to them) and she want me to meet people that may help me to discover many places and spend more good time, therefore she ask her husband which he know an afghan friend has a son working in computer business to contact me.well after that we make call and agree to spend a time in next days.
this week end will be three days because Monday is a holiday.
and then Floyd and me leaving the work early in the 2:00 PM, and my wonderful supervisor Floyd took me a way from downtown to him house and we went to Target and Walmart Supermarkets which they really has different prices than other markets near my apartment in the downtown. and after that he took me up with his car to my apartment and this took more than 30 min. beside the gracious Floyd offer to get a nice time tomorrow in the portland waterfalls !, also Dan offer me to go to the Portland International Film Festival in Sunday and that mean I will have an active weekend with these nice people.

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