Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Knowledge became fast !!

Today I learn many new web development techniques:
1. new tool for observing the webpage code called " Firebug" (installed on Firefox).
2. How to change the Drupal theme (not every thing but the important things).
3. Changing the Block style (this is amazing thing because other CMS cannot do this feature).
4. Floyd explain to me the most important different between Google and Microsoft IT industry algorithm which is called Agile (Google) and waterfall (Microsoft).
5. Then Amie which is working in the Global Citizen Corps - Mercy Corps request to do a web form for Global Citizen Corps web site, and then I working during the day with that and finally I finish it successfully and learn one of the most important things in web development which is web forms.
from the social side Dan Sadowsky one of the web site team offer me to go to
a basketball match, in fact it is very interesting , but unfortunately
I didn't feel good to go (cold night). anyhow I will go tomorrow
with floyd to the Drupal Portland group and I am very exciting to that.

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