Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Drupal Group Meeting

I didn't do many things today, I just try to discover the modules in the Drupal sites and ask Floyd about its features like CCK, web forms, file field ... etc.
So I spent along time in searching what kind of gifts should i buy to my family, Walmart, amazon and even eBay sites are very helpful. one of the fact that I learn in the states that online shopping is cheaper than stores !!
after the work finished, Me and Floyd walked to the opensourcery building to be with Portland Drupal Group which is a programmers trying to share their ideas and codes and many thoughts discussed their,Floyd begins with Mercy Corps and and personal funding pages, and others talking about new themes that they developed (Acquia Prosper, Fusion) and modules (skiner, Dynamic disply block) and many many new idea about web sites people developed for theirs works. I n fact I feel happy after this night I like the group work too much and I think this experience is very useful for me.

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