Saturday, February 6, 2010

1st weekend !

today is Saturday and it is the holiday in US, I didn't wake up early too much just 7:00 AM west time. trying to settle down my stiff things in my apartment. Then in 10:00 AM my phone ringing with a strange number (because i didn't save this number before) it is Floyd my wonderful supervisor, he invited me to come with him and his kids to the scientific museum in Portland, and I accept his gracious offer.
after 30 min he took me to that amazing place with his quite children we see many thing
like space ships, old bone of Dinosaur and many scientific toys chemical, physical etc..
after that we went to Lebanon's restaurant to have the lunch. and when we finished we went to the college where Floyd graduate. it is one of the beautiful places that I ever seen. then he took me to the FredMeyers (the famous stories) to buy some stiff and he wish me a nice day.

Friday, February 5, 2010

New things

in my first day in Mercy Corps I learn many things:
1. charity organizations has a large works.
2. Large website need many control issues.
3. Many software tools like programming editors (Textmate) control websites (supervision).
4. Many internet techniques to get the money for charity.
5. Drupal is the most CMS software used by professional people.
6. Fred Meyer is the most big and good prices markets.

and I am sure it is a lot of things waiting me !!!.

My first day!

this is my first day and many new things I tried to understand. My supervisor Floyd Mann he is a very supportive man . He explain to me many things about the work that they doing and a lot of tools that they used in doing their job. In fact all the work concentrate on Mercy Corps website and how to keep it developed all the time. One of the best things that I learn here is the control system to update the website , even when I have been working on developing the dynamic web site I never hear about that system.
Floyd introduce me to the most of the people work here, and all of them are nice and helpful.
then we went in a small trip in the wonderful Portland city which I love it too much (even when I am in my third day here!!) . through our trip I discover many good stores for food, clothes, and electronics stuff.