Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Calling Options

Hi all, In this article I will try to summrizes all the way that we found to call our families and friends in Iraq from USA:
in this site you can make calles with 0.11 euro it is not very cheap but it ic accurate account (not like some other sites as we will see) and the calls will be from your Phone !! , beside you can send SMS too. it is available to PC , MAC and Linux.
2. this offer 8 - 9 cents to call,but working on windows (PC) only. : from this site you can find the suitable calling cards to you (with less prices),but this cards has a broblem that your balance mony is not accurate so when you buy one and use half of your balance you may recive Email telling you your balance is 0.00 !!!!.
4. Google Voice: this site is very usefull in sending FREE SMS to Iraq, but with respect to make calls it is too expensive.

and finaly if your family or friend have lindline please ask them for that number to call it bucause it is always cheap price and more rigid than mobile espisslly Baghdad Lindline.

please if you have any other information please SHARE it with us....


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